Tutorial: SummerABS The Waist Maker

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This exercise is part of my core)(set program, and flattens while it works on a smaller waist at the same time. It's a wonderful little friend to have tag along in your workout. 

The emphasis is still on working from the bottom of the muscle rather than the top, and you want to keep your focus on deepening the scoop into your abdominal cavity in addition to the wringing motion of the torso in the same moment. When doing it this way, the whole muscle group is always engaged; this makes all the difference and is the foundation of what I will teach you here with SummerABS.  The results speak for themselves; flatten that lower pouch and define your midriff.

Like all SummerABS exercises, the proper form is vastly more important than the number of reps. Remember that more is not better; quality over quantity! If your abs feel fully engaged and you are executing the motion and breathing well, that is what is important. Stand up between each set and see if you feel a “drawn-in, taller” sensation from deep inside. If so, you have found that SummerABS feeling.  If you absolutely need a number of repetitions to go for, start with ten total; right is one, left is one. Work your way up to twenty total.


In the video, we are demonstrating this exercise on a Bosu ball, but you may do it on a yoga mat, carpet or towel.



Proper Posture, Technique and Tips

  • Take a seat on the Bosu with the round side up, put your hands next to your sides, and move yourself so that your tailbone is by the third ring or so on the Bosu. Adjust to your spine’s length; make sure the Bosu is following the curve of your spine and you feel supported.
  • Lie on your back over the ball from your buttocks to head, making sure your back stays flat along the curve of the ball, so that your abs are isolated.
  • Cross your left ankle over your right knee, reach your left arm out and put your hand down on the floor like a tarantella. Put your right hand behind your head and reach back, looking over your right elbow.
  • Relax your neck and upper shoulders
  • Start to exhale as you initiate in the lower abdomen at the very lowest point of your abs and make a scoop. Fully exhale as you come up, concave from the pubis going towards your solar plexus. Come up with a very slight twist, deepening the scoop in your abdominals. Think of your bottom rib going towards the opposite hip bone. Continuously scoop out your abdominal cavity, while increasing the motion; twisting your torso as if you are wringing out a shirt.
  • Aim for coming up 20 degrees past flat and keep this solely in your abs; do not lift your body off the Bosu. 
  • When doing the wringing out motion, continuously pull your abs in beneath.
  • Stretch back over the ball, returning to the position where you are lying over it, inhaling throughout this motion.
  • Do the desired number of repetitions on e one side, Repeat on the other side.

To get back up from the ball when finished with a set, reach your arms forward and walk your way back up. Watch the video to get a very clear visual for this.

If you feel this or any of the SummerABS excercises in your back more than your abdominals, you may need to reposition yourself on the ball or Bosu, or make your movements smaller so that you can focus more on your breathing and technique. The SummerABS method is a technique I have developed that is quite different from how abdominals have been done up until now and what you are used to. The results will also differ from what you are used to, in the best way possible. Stop struggling, start enjoying the benefits and results. Now.  Be Summer-Fit, have SummerABS.

Summer: Juicy Couture
Meegan Descheneaux (Demonstrator): H&M