Use Fitness and Exercise as a Positive Outlet

We all know the importance of having positive outlets. You may enjoy the arts, watching or participating, maybe you enjoy reading or writing - or maybe you prefer to play board or video games.

But what about a beneficial outlet? Sure, the above mentioned are all wonderful, however, there is a true magic to using fitness as an outlet.  The benefits of exercise have time and again been proven with scientific studies. So, how is one to use exercise as an outlet?

Well, first of all, fit it in - give yourself that - prioritize yourself for an hour; which is only 4% out of a 24-hr day. Find something that you like to do, (or something that you don't hate) and allow yourself to morph with it, see where it takes you. You may have started out swimming in a pool, to swimming on a team, to swimming on a team in a lake, to straying to spin, then to joining a bike riding team, to doing a mini iron man with your group - or stay blissfully with your pool or in the bike. It's all up to you, and what gives you joy.

Now that you have found your outlet, you may use it to cope with life, to prep for upcoming situations, or to add it to your well--being routine. What we want to do, is give you a positive, beneficial outlet, and let other, maybe not so beneficial or positive go. Stay focused on your exercise, and be kind to yourself: Even if you do a lighter workout, it all adds to the big picture, it keeps you going, and it will help you feel better. Plus, YOU did it! You kept it going.

I personally solve many a situation on the treadmill, if I can't get to one, I'll walk it out. As long as I can move my body, it will help clarity come about. I want this for you as well. It is truly an amazing feeling, to have the heavy veil lighten, and feel the freedom from that experience. 

So next time you're stressed, or nervous about something: jump in the pool, get on the bike, walk stairs up and down, run or lift until your clarity comes through. Until it does, I found it helpful to focus on breath and technique. Breath and technique. Breath and technique....keep it going, and stay Summer-Fit!